The Challenge

Grouts, (the spaces between your tiles) are porous and hygroscopic.  This means that they let water in and retain them.  They also dry slowly, as water can sip deep into the grout.  This, along with the accumulation of dirt is a haven for bacteria, fungus and moulds.  Wiping and scrubing them with disinfectants are often useless as the problem is deepseeded.

Our Solution

Saniservice – Dubai’s leading and innovative disinfection company have developed a specific disinfection and protection protocol for grouting.  The process starts with the careful determination of the approach needed to clean and disinfect your space.  Using the latest in grout cleaning technology, Saniservice will then deep clean the grouts, disinfect them with 100% chemical-free bio sanitizers and then seal the grouts to prevent further infection.  Additionally, you may opt to have your grout colored as per your taste.

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Changing the way you think about disinfection.

Full Grout Disinfection

Saniservice is raising the bar in the Disinfection industry by extending the application of it’s disinfection services down to the smallest crevices of your grouting.  Saniservice’s surface disinfection division introduces its Grout Disinfection and Protection services using the same Swiss disinfection concept.  This bespoke solution can be rec-configured to fit the requirement of any industry, from residential to healthcare, education, hospitality to corporate industry – Saniservice Grout Disinfection and Protection closes the gaps to complete a full ‘Human Grade Disinfection’ solution.

3 – Year Protection

Saniservice’s Grout Disinfection and Protection service does not only make sure that your grouts are bacteria and germ free, but it makes sure that it is not susceptible to water intrusion, damage and re-infection.  This is done by the application of an invisible layer of “sealing” on top of the grouting that effectively waterproofs your grout, preventing water intrusion and thereby protecting it from dirt and bacterial/fungal growth for a full 3 years!