100% Chemical Free

Saniservice only uses 100% Chemical Free Bio-sanitizers that kills bacteria, fungus and viruses on contact including Influenza, MRSA, Norovirus, STAPH and the Corona Virus.

Two-day service

The whole service takes a minimum of two days to complete. This includes the complete cleaning, the disinfection process, re-grouting the chipped areas, coloring and the sealing of the grouts.

2 to 3 years protection

Saniservice applies an invisible layer of protection to your grouts.  This makes sure that your grouts are virtually sealed off and protected from water intrusion and mold/bacteria infestation.

Day 1


Saniservice arrives at your door and will prepare the area by covering and moving furnitures with extra care and professionalism.


This step involve vacuuming the grouts and the application of the primary cleaning solution.


Saniservice uses a specialized grout cleaning machine that deeply penetrates the grout while immediately sucking out the deep seeded dirt.

Re Grouting (If required)

If required, Saniservice will re-apply fresh grouting on tile gaps, filling in cracked or damaged grouting making them look like new.


Using 100% Chemical Free bio-sanitizers, Saniservice disinfects all the grouts and gives it time to be absorbed into the grout membrane.

Day 2

Coloring the grout

On the second day of service,Saniservice will apply coloring into your grout to give it a fresh look. Choose from a variety of colors to suite your taste.


The grout will then be sealed with a colorless sealant that will waterproof the grouts and protect from dirt, bacteria and fungi.